8 things I won’t miss when WFH is over

1. Goodbye office banter

It’s strange how people talk about working from home as a nice thing because to me it’s synonymous with working from a cage — I haven’t been able to tell people how I got burnt by my laptop charger (no kidding) — definitely would’ve gained sympathy if I were in office :)

2. Virtual lunches and parties

This is not a trend, it is the height of awkwardness for most people including me. Talking while having pizza sauce dripping from my mouth on a Zoom call? No, thank you. It’s true that the same thing could happen even face-to-face but that felt so natural!

3. Home cooked food

You might think how can one not miss home cooked food but honestly, even though I love my mom’s preparations, it’s been a year now and it’s not on my priority list anymore. I would be fine trading good food for going back to the office. Of course, for many people this is not valid since they have had to cook themselves and I’m sure they’re tired too.

4. Home desk

I will not miss my home desk because I didn’t have one! Work from home meant use any surface as your desk as and when they got free. With a family that’s also using laptops for their own work, it is super hard to get a dedicated desk for your own stuff.

5. The cacophony

Ever had a situation where you have a client meeting and the whistle of the coffee machine or the pressure cooker goes off in the kitchen, your dad/husband/brother/whoever has another simultaneous meeting on, your mother is gossiping and obnoxiously laughing on the phone, your sister has her online classes going on and to top it all the doorbell rings right at that moment?

6. No commute — no traffic

Do you love the fact that you don’t have to commute anymore? Do you also love the fact that you have to work longer due to that? Many of us traveled for at least 30 minutes to reach the office unless we were super lucky. Now that remote work almost killed it, employees have been realizing that they’re working longer due to not having to commute.

7. No routine

The lack of not having a routine while working from home may not be true anymore for some people as they have adapted to this style and created their own routine around it. But for many of us, we still haven’t been able to create a routine of ourselves and even if we do, we end up following it only for a select number of days.

8. Sitting forever

My bed has a depression now (seriously) — I just don’t realize that I sit there for such long hours that I forget to even take a break from the screen until my mother screams at me from the other end of the house that it’s time for a meal.



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