Numerous pursuits give one power based on the job position. HR is where power stems from one’s ability to influence.

Women who flourish in HR are especially adept at influencing people. Irrespective of company size, women leaders have portrayed how HR and CHRO roles have developed over the last decade.

What is a floating holiday?

There are two general meanings to a floating holiday. One definition describes it as a public holiday that doesn’t land on the same day every year. The other, more business-centric definition is a paid time-off employees can use as a substitute for a public holiday. Here, employees get the flexibility…

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A performance improvement plan (PIP) is a structured system that can help facilitate a productive conversation between an employee and their supervisor, and is can be an effective tool to help an employee improve their work performance & results. When an employee displays recurring performance issues, employers provide a PIP.


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