Busting HR myths

Busting HR myths — Top 7 HR misconceptions shattered‍

Among the plethora of myths surrounding HR, we’ve put together a list of 7 common HR misconceptions that would give employees clarity on what Human Resources’ work really entails.

Myth #1 — HR’s job is to distract you from work‍

Well, clearly HR’s kindness is being taken for its weakness here. In an age where no-one at work is really bothered about you and phrases like “How are you doing?” and “Is there something I can help you with?” have become expressions of a bygone era, Human Resources is the one department that genuinely cares for the organization’s employees.

Myth #2 — HR’s role is to build a company culture‍

In the list of busting HR myths, this is one of the most ridiculous misconceptions ever. You would be shocked to know that most people have a distorted conception of the term “Company culture” too! In other words, HR professionals, who are also titled “culture ambassadors” can’t ‘create’ a company culture. They can only ‘strengthen’ what is already created.

Myth #3 — HR reads your emails and official chats‍

I am not sure why this needs to be so explicitly mentioned; but turns out it does, due to such a solid misconception. Rest assured, unless any of us is an undercover FBI agent, Human Resources as a department does not read your private emails and one-on-one official chats on Slack, MS teams or other channels!

Myth #4 — If HR is in the room, someone is getting fired

In the list of busting HR myths, this is a stigma that is deep-rooted in employees since time immemorial. In fact, we find it amusing how you associate HR with extremes — on one hand, distracting the workforce with fun-filled activities while on the other hand, firing employees on the spot. Because turns out, neither of these are wholly true!

Myth #5 — HR exists for those who don’t get to be in finance, marketing or sales

Damn, that’s intense! Firstly, bold of you to compartmentalize organizations in only these three departments. Additionally, if you’re considering HR so inferior, why not employees from these departments ensure smooth recruitment, onboarding and organizational policy compliance? Trust me, your annual savings would be terrific!

Myth #6 — HR can give you a raise‍

To answer briefly, not really. Truth be told, it’s rather concerning to have people butter you up just for an increment or a promotion. Stating it loud and clear for all those reading this, HR professionals are not living and breathing pay cheques! For a start, you might be able to see slight progress if you talk to your manager about this openly.

Myth #7 — HR’s job is mostly administrative

It is true that HR requires documentation (albeit digital, with HR tech softwares like peopleHum), policies and clear procedures. But that doesn’t make its functions purely bureaucratic!


Even if you did have these misconceptions in mind and are guilt-ridden on how you looked at Human Resources, don’t sweat it. Globally, HR has been the laughing stock of the workforce. So you aren’t the only one! But what matters is understanding the facts, busting HR myths in the future and making a positive change in your beliefs, opinions and outlook on HR.



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