Fact vs. Fiction: The reality of using Applicant Tracking Systems

Separating fact from fiction: The reality of using an ATS‍

1. “I already have a LinkedIn resume, so I don’t need to put my resume into the ATS.”

2. “The ATS looks for keywords, dates and job titles in your resume.”

3. “ATS are advanced enough to figure out how to collect, organize and arrange all the information on the resume.”

4. “It’s better to send your resume in PDF format when submitting to an ATS.”‍

5. “If the keywords are not detected, you will be rejected right away.”

6. “Applicant tracking systems can read resumes in any format.”‍

7. “Any resume longer than 2 pages will be rejected by an ATS.”‍

8. “All ATS operate similarly.”

Put your ATS doubts to rest with peopleHum‍

  1. How to choose the right Recruitment Management System
  2. Quick guide to an effective recruitment process




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