peopleHum’s Roundup newsletter — June 2021

2 min readJun 4, 2021


We’ve been around for a while, listening and reading about the workings of Human Resources and People Operations. As a Global HCM platform, we know a thing or two about the HR industry. And we think that so should you.

For all the HR tech enthusiasts, leadership coaches and people operation experts, here’s the peopleHum’s return to office news roundup for the month. A curated collection of peopleHum’s recent blog releases, our favourite podcasts, articles that you may find of interest, and much more.

In sharing this curated newsletter, we hope to engage you in conversations about all things concerning the future of HR and work. We encourage you to write back to us with your views on our news.

Fresh articles from our blog:

  1. Remember to forget these 8 WFH aspects
  2. Jogo de cintura. Your HR department’s wiggle room
  3. How to prevent return to office from being an emotional roller-coaster. (On this rollercoaster, you can look down)
  4. The Jollof Rice of Human Resources (On our specials menu this month)

A directory of great reads:

  1. HBR’s hire through the wire
  2. Anita Lettink has a question Is it time for a Chief Wellness Officer?
  3. The Guardian shows us how to bridge the gap between 2 worlds
  4. John Baldoni’s recent blog. (Our personal favourite)
  5. If you’re a people manager, read this
  6. Here’s how Netflix reinvented HR. Brought to you by Patty McCord

Podcasts that you’re going to love:

  1. Marketers vs Recruiters. Who wins? DriveThruHR to know
  2. HR Happy Hour What’s your poison?
  3. Liane Davey on the evolution of work and culture post-pandemic
  4. 3 Clicks, 2 Apps, 1 Hire from the Chad and Cheese Podcast

A few must watch videos:

  1. Switch off with Guy Winch
  2. Secret’s out. Nataly Kogan on happiness at work

People to follow on LinkedIn:

  1. Perry Timms
  2. Sims Tillirson

Let’s talk Return to Office

It’s been rough, and the last thing your employees need is a chaotic process to adjust to when they go back to office. Whether you operate in full operational, mixed or remote mode. peopleHum Return to Office software is there to help assist and automate your return and settle processes.