Top 10 Most Powerful Women Leaders in HR

Women leaders in HR

Top 10 most powerful women leaders in HR‍

1. Leena Nair

“A great strategy is easy — you know the facts, figures and where the opportunities and consumers are. Organisations stumble at execution. HR can truly be that force which enables growth and allows businesses to translate its strategic intent into reality.”

2. Claude Silver‍

“When we are leading with love, we are building a culture where radical candor discussions can happen that build ever deeper connections between co-workers and teammates.”

3. Risha Grant‍

“The goal of every company should be to create value around their employee’s differences so they have permission to be themselves.”

4. Rachele Focardi

“Intergenerational Collaboration is key in order for organizations to be able to unleash the true power of their human capital”

5. Amelia Ransom

“The work of retraining your brain and your business about the truth of what success in diversity looks like is hard, the truth is uncomfortable, and the journey is long.”

6. Dr. Diane Hamilton‍

“We don’t have to agree with other people to empathise with them. You just have to understand where they’re coming from.”

7. Anna Ott

“Every workplace is different due to different business models, levels of trust and leadership styles.”

8. Anna Tolmachova‍

9. Gauri Das‍

“Adaptability makes one extremely valuable at the workplace since not everybody can embrace constant change.”

10. Surani Amerasinghe‍

“Technology has always been available to the HIR profession but broader acceptance and adoption were required in most instances.”

Wrapping up on a high note! Whether directing their nation with a firm hand or aligning people management tools with business strategies, these leaders have prospered in making progress even in the most challenging organizational setbacks. There may not be a single cause for female domination in HR but by examining the gender imbalance, we may gain a better knowledge of how to reform the workplace on a national and international scale.



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